SAVE: Secure Transmission of 3D Models

Sharing online digital archives of 3D cultural heritage models presents new challenges for protecting intellectual property. Owners, curators, and developers of valuable 3D cultural heritage models may desire that technological mechanisms are enabled to protect their assets and to prevent piracy and misuse, while still allowing interactive sharing of the 3D models.

The investigators of the SAVE research project have studied a variety of methods for secure dissemination of 3D models (with support from National Science Foundation grant #IIS-0535118), and results of this research are available for protecting the intellectual property of contributors to the SAVE online journal. Useful techniques include secured remote rendering, in which high-resolution versions of the 3D models are stored on remote servers and only rendered 2D images are transmitted to end users, as well as other methods for establishing a trusted 3D graphics pipeline. Related research papers on protected 3D graphics for cultural heritage models are listed below:

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